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  • Electrical Meters and Panels Buzzing and humming. Loud humming from a breaker box often indicates a faulty breaker that is failing to trip, or has poor wiring. This can be extremely dangerous and exposes your home to a wide variety of electrical failures, so get it handled immediately.
  • Loss of power. Many issues can cause a loss of power. Everything from storms, to even an accident miles and miles away. To determine whether or not you need a local Hendersonville electrician to remedy your outage, contact your electrical provider to see if they know why your power is down. If they’re clueless, the problem is probably in your home.
  • Burning or acrid smells. This is a very, very serious problem that we’ve discussed a few times in the past regarding electrical safety. Smells that resemble burnt plastic often mean there are damaged wires in your home, and this can very quickly become an electrical fire! If possible (and safe), shut off power to the area where the smell is coming from, and call Kolb right away.
  • Signs of burnt wiring or overloaded outlets. If you spot blackened or brown marks around your in-home outlets, they are most likely overloading and getting entirely too hot. You’ll need professional assistance for this one for sure.